TFM Butchers (Thompsons Farm Meat)
TFM Butchers(Thompsons Farm Meat)
On-Farm Butchers Shop on traditionally Family run Farm.

TFM Butchers (Thompsons Farm Meat) is committed to providing all their customers with quality, home-produced Beef, Pork and Lamb (Lamb seasonal) and Chicken ONLY from livestock bred and reared on this Farm. 

We also sell Free Range Eggs.

Sausage Making Classes

Date: Tuesday March 2017, 4pm

Contact us to book your place - 4 places available.

At least 4 people needed for class to take place.

Selling only our home-bred and reared

Hereford Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken and Ham all from our on-Farm Butchers Shop.

This is an EXAMPLE of our Monthly Best Buy Pack. Here is our February Best Buy Pack for £25.00. Please Pre-Order.
Our Fresh Display Cabinets

TFM Butchers Est. 2005. 

Actually based on the Farm and ONLY selling our own Produce.

Our Butcher hand makes our Sausages and Chipolatas two to three times a week so

they are very fresh, he is in the Butchery Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

preparing all our Beef, Pork and Lamb. 

We cure our own smoked and un-smoked Bacon and Gammon.



Over FORTY years ago a raffle prize of £20 was the foundation for a family farm.  

John and Margaret Thompson won the prize in a raffle raising funds to build a local swimming pool and used it to buy three piglets, which they reared in John's Father's back garden. When the piglets were large enough the couple sold them and bought a sow, and so the farm grew! 

   In 1976 John and Margaret moved to Fen Bank Road, Isleham with their sons Steven and Martin and while our family farm keeps its traditional values, we have found a market with the many people who want meat from home reared stock which is full of taste and hasn’t travelled for miles and great value for money.

   Our family run business breeds Hereford Cattle and pigs.  The cattle graze on Wash Land during the summer months and are fed on locally grown corn during the winter.  Our pigs are kept in straw yards. We have very high welfare standards and are members of a Red Tractor Assurance Scheme for the cattle and pigs.

   In October 2006 our Application to enter the Great Wash and Little Wash into the DEFRA Higher and Entry Level Stewards Schemes was successful. Through the Scheme we manage the Washes with the help of the Cattle and some Native Ponies to help encourage and increase the correct and ideal habitat for breeding and overwintering waders.      

   In 2005 we started selling our beef, pork and bacon from the ‘Farm Gate’ from a shed on the Farm.

  After alot of thought we decided to expand and in January 2013 we opened a Butchers.  We now employ an experienced Butcher, David who works during our open hours throughout the week for us preparing all our cuts of meat and making burgers, sausages and chipolatas two to three times a week.

   Our Hereford beef is hung which enhances the flavour and customers appreciate this.  Many people tend to think buying meat from the ‘Farm Gate’ is expensive, it isn’t!  "All our prices compare with supermarkets and butcher shops and we would like to encourage the public to come and try our products and see the prices and make their own minds up.

   We also cure our own Bacon and Gammon. 

Inside our Butchers Shop.

Contact details


Thompsons Farm Meat (TFM) Butchers


1 Fen Bank



Cambridgeshire  CB7 5SL


Tel: 01638 780994 or

      01638 780431

On-Farm Butchers Shop                Opening Hours

Monday                   CLOSED
Tuesday              10am - 5.30pm

Wednesday             CLOSED

Thursday               9am - 5.30pm

Friday                    9am - 5.30pm

Saturday                9am - 4pm

Sunday                10am - 12 noon




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